Take the HI Road
With our Take the HI Road campaign, we want to give Hawaii drivers a way to share the good and courteous things happening on our roads. Share your thanks for an act of courtesy you experienced on the road and help us inspire a driver courtesy revolution in Hawaii. 

Share Your Thanks

Tell us about an act of courtesy you experienced on the road. Each person who shares their thanks will receive our TAKE THE HI ROAD GIFT PACK, which includes a window cling, key chain, a “stress-o-meter” card, and a stress relief toy.

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Featured Acts of Courtesy

It's always a guessing game for motorists getting in the left lane to turn onto Lunalilo Home Road and avoiding getting stuck behind a car that turns into Koko Marina. Most of the time drivers wave me in so "shaka" to these courteous drivers.

Tyler M.

I was at a stop light and a guy making a left turn into my street stopped at my car. I rolled down my window and he told me my headlights weren't on. Thank you for keeping me safe!

Lisa Z.

While parked at Kahala Mall, I came back to my car which had a note on the windshield. Apparently someone banged into my car and was honest enough to leave a note with their name and phone number. Good to know that there are people of integrity out there.

Rose T.

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Weigh In

Share your impressions on the state of driver courtesy on Hawaii’s roads and highways by answering these survey questions.

Courtesy By The Numbers

In 2012, we surveyed nearly 800 drivers to get some hard data on the state of driver courtesy along Hawaii’s streets and highways.

How We Drive Matters

Here are ways to be more courteous behind the wheel:
  1. Acknowledge courtesy on the road with a wave or shaka.
  2. Drive in the right or middle lane. Pass on the left.
  3. Signal several hundred feet before turning or changing lanes.

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